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Buy Yourself a Professionally Written Resume... 

It might just be the one gift that more than pays for itself!

Why Pay For A Professionally Written Resume?

You want to be sure that your resume will capture the attention of decision makers! Professional resume writers take the pain out of producing your self-marketing documents. They help you focus on bringing out the highlights of your work experience in compelling ways that boost your response rate, make you stand out from the crowd, and land atop the applicant pile.

What Is The Process Like?

Step 1: Purchase resume service.

Step 2: You will receive up to a 1 hour phone consultation.

Step 3: You will be requested to fill out a short resume questionnaire (unless you have a current resume).

Step 4: You will receive your draft(s), via email, within 4 business days.

Step 5: Final version(s) will be emailed directly to you!

Questions To Ask Yourself…

Does the writer have a good grasp of the industry and profession you are in?

How much experience do they have in producing custom resumes?

What kinds of recommendations and testimonials do they make available to you?

Will they cater to your needs e.g. do they speak with you at your convenience, maybe after hours if necessary?

The Difference…

It could really be worth it to gift yourself a professionally written resume. Let’s say it ends up getting you many more interviews than your self-written one. Ultimately, you shave weeks, perhaps even months, off of your job search. The extra income you earn (that you might not have if you’d stuck with your homemade resume) should more than make up for what you spent.

Remember, your resume can help you get job interviews, 
but it is YOU who sells yourself to the employer in person!
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